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Resolute Bollard

  • Resolute Bollard is a simple Heritage style illuminated or nonilluminated bollard
  • Available as cast Aluminium, Grey Iron or SG Ductile Iron
  • Includes access door


Resolute Datasheet PDF






The Resolute Bollard has the option of being cast in LM6 Aluminium , Grey Iron or Ductile SG Iron. The lens polycarbonate can be frosted or opal.

Ingress Protection

IP 44 Optical Compartment , IP 44 Gear Compartment


Polyester Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour or stoving acrylic paint to any colour.


Can be fitted with the Candela Symmetrical Louvre or LED’s are fitted with variety of optical lenses


Sodium and CDMT-T        50w Max

Metal Halide                      50w Max

Cosmopolis                        45w Max

Compact Fluorescent       70w Max

LED Aray                             3w-24w



Gear is mounted on a back board and accessed via the door. The lamp is accessed by removing the lid casting.


Photo Electrical Cell

The fitting accepts minature Photo Electrical Cells as an option


Fixing Details

The fitting come with the option of integral root ,‘J’ bolts and template or Fabricated root