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Oaken Bollard

This bollard has the option of materials. The hybrid version has a cast aluminium head and a fabricated steel galvanized base with a solid soft / hard wood body or it can have a steel fabricated body galvanised and painted any RAL colour The lens is polycarbonate and can be either clear, frosted or opal.


Oaken Bollard Datasheet






Ingress Protection: IP 44 Optical Compartment , IP 44 Gear Compartment

Finishes: Natural finish to the wood or treated with a stain and preserve or the fabricated body can be Polyester Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour or stoving acrylic paint to any colour.

Optics: Can be fitted with the Candela Symmetrical Louvre or LED version is fitted with variety of optical lenses

Maintenance: Gear is mounted on a back board and accessed via the door. The lamp is accessed by removing the lid casting.

Photo Electrical Cell: The fitting accepts minature Photo Electrical Cells as an option

Fixing Details: The fitting come with the option of integral root ,‘J’ bolts and template or Fabricated root