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Aeroform Lantern

  • The Aeroform Lantern offers a high protection rating. The sealed optical compartment, ease of maintenance and sheer ruggedness of the design ensures an enduring popularity among streetscape and amenity designers.
  • Modern stylish low profile luminaire
  • Part of the versatile Broadway lantern range
  • Various optics/reflector options to reduce light pollution and skyglow, while providing a variety of distributions appropriate to most application
  • Ease of maintenance with No Tool Access and 1/4 turn lampholder entry
  • Two sizes available
  • IP66 rated


Aeroform Datasheet PDF




Material: The chassis is cast aluminium LM6 and brim spun aluminium. The glazing can be either a shallow bowl polycarbonate moulding or flat toughened glass.

Ingress Protection: IP 66 Optical Compartment , IP 44 Gear Compartment

Finishes: The Aluminium body and brim are treated with a chromate and then can be Polyester Powder Coated any BS or RAL colour.

Optics: Can be fitted with the Candela EV and SGS range of street optics. LED’s can be fitted with variety of street optical lenses


Sodium and CDMT-T     250w Max

CDMT                               250w Max

Metal Halide                   150w Max

Compact Fluorescent    70w Max

Cosmopolis                     45w – 140w


LED Aray                         24w – 84w

Fixings & Mountings

All fixings are Stainless Steel This fitting is side entry mounting to suit 34/42 mm and is suitable with our range of wall and post top brackets for all size columns Mounting is via M10 Stainless Grub Screws

Recommended Height: 6mtr – 12 mtr

Maintenance: No tooling required. Releasing the stainless steel over centre allows the bowl and brim assembly hinge down gaining access to the gear and lamp. Lamp change is via our 1⁄4 turn lamp holder and gear withdraws for maintenance.

Photo Electrical Cell: The fitting accepts all manufacturers Photo Electrical Cells as an option

Weight & Windage: Average weight 15 Kgs depending on gear. Windage 0.1mtr sq

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